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Membership Marketers Club

What do these big companies have in common?

What do these big companies have in common: Netflix, Walmart’s Sam’s Club and Amazon?

The answer: they’re all built on membership site platforms.

Netflix is a recurring monthly membership, while Sam’s Club and Amazon’s Prime membership charge annual fees for continued access to goods and services.

And you know what? These companies are all wildly profitable too.

You see, a lot of people who’re setting up online businesses think that a “membership site” is limited to a PLR site. But nothing could be further from the truth. Today you can find all types of membership sites both free and paid around the web. For example…

Facebook is a free membership site, as you can’t access the interior of the site without joining.

Weight Watcher’s is a paid membership site.

eBay is a free membership site, since you can’t buy and sell until you register your account.

Then you have companies like your autoresponder and your webhost. Yep, these are based on membership site models too, because you have to pay a monthly fee in order to retain access to the services.

So the question is, what type of membership site should YOU build?

That’s right, the smart online owners are building membership sites. You can base yours on so many different models, including:

• A vault-style membership site, where people pay once and get access forever.

• A free site, where people only need to register to get access (and you get a highly valuable list of leads).

• A monthly membership site, where people pay a monthly fee to retain access to goods and services.

• A multi-tiered membership site, such as a site offering bronze, silver and gold level memberships.

That’s a good start, and that’s not even the whole list of possibilities.

So which one is right for you? Find out now for free at

Inside this site you’ll get a great overview of the top membership models, plus tips and tricks for getting your own membership site off the ground fast.

If you join now, you can sneak into the backdoor for free at – so do it now before the free offer ends!

P.S. Now you too can join the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Facebook by setting up your own membership site. It’s a great way to attract affiliates, generate a ton of leads, and put a residual income in your pocket every month. Find out how at – and do it now while the free offer is still available!

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